Specializing in Waters and Sciex mass-spectrometry instrumentation.


Quattro Ultima       

The Micromass Quattro Ultima is a high performance benchtop triple quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for routine LC-MS-MS operation. Offering excellent performance for quantitative analysis, the Quattro Ultima is readily capable of monitoring multiple analyses simultaneously. It offers both electro spray and APCI ionisation modes and has the facility for data dependent acquisitions whereby the instrument automatically switches into MS/MS mode during an acquisition based upon data acquired in MS mode in the previous scan.


API3200 QTRAP    

The API3200 QTRAP LC-MS/MS System is a fully-integrated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer built using premier technology that combines sensitivity and selectivity with ruggedness and reliability. Innovative Turbo V Ion Source efficiently ionizes compounds over a wide range of flow rates, virtually eliminating cross-contamination, even with large sample loads Patented LINAC Collision Cell technology delivers superior MS/MS performance allowing faster scan times without compromising sensitivity or mass spectral quality.

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Quattro Micro              
The Quattro Micro overcomes challenges in LC/MS/MS:
-Pressure to meet throughput targets
-Necessity to rapidly cross-train analysts
-Demand for better sensitivity and Limits of Quantification
-Requirement to operate in a 21 CFR 11 environment. The Quattro micro incorporates the finest high precision tandem quadrupole mass analyzer technology, with a m/z range of 2 - 2000 amu.



Waters-Micromass ZMD is a single quadrupole, benchtop MS detector. The ZMD detector features proven API techniques such as ESI and APCI as standard, and offers ZSpray contamination avoidance technology. Both API inlet probes are quickly and easily interchangeable without breaking vacuum. The following specifications apply: Flow rates allowed are 5-1000 ul/min (ESI) and 200-2000 ul/min (APCI). Quadrupole analyzer of mass range 2-2000 Daltons. Optional extended mass range quadrupole mass analyzer 2-4000 amu.

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